Patchwork Christmas stocking


Make the anticipation of Santa’s visit extra special year after year with this hand-sewn Patchwork Christmas stocking created from your clothes with special memories.  Luxuriously touchable, with plenty of padding, a cotton lining and supersoft fleece cuff, your children will be super excited to hang up their stocking on Christmas Eve.


Create an heirloom that will bring back special memories Christmas after Christmas.  Send me a selection of your speical clothes and I will patchwork them into a stunning Christmas stocking that they will be proud to hang up for Santa for years to come.

A combination of 3-6 items works best – either favourites from their Summer wardrobe, or if you still have them tucked away, clothes from last Christmas or their baby years.  Or even something special of your or their grandparents.  Cotton dresses, shirts, skirts or trousers work best, but baby gros and stretchy fabrics can also work well.  Depending on the clothes you send, I will choose motifs, buttons or other adornments to decorate the stocking for extra individuality.

Padded with wadding and lined in soft cotton or supersoft fleece, this luxury stocking will make Santa’s visit extra special year after year.

Add a name to the front cuff (cotton lining only), or a name and date, or phrase, to the back for extra personalisation.

Size approximately – 42cm toe to cuff, 26cm toe to heel.


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